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How to feel like you’re on vacation in Capri all year long

Coming back from a magical vacation in Capri, Italy, isn’t much fun. One minute, you’re lounging by the azure Mediterranean sea, eating delicious foods and sipping local wines, all without a care in the world.
Next, you’re back home, hecticly switching gears between work and family, with not a minute of rest.

Luckily, Ricciocaprese knows its way around wellbeing and has gathered five easy tips to keep that summer in Italy feeling all year long.

Be “Capri You” every day

Not ready to let go of your travel self, adventurous, glowing and simply happy? With Ricciocaprese, you don’t have to.
The Brand’s Capri Forever personal perfumes invite you to show off your best “vacation in Italy” self and to live la dolce vita every day of the year.
Tell a story with a few spritzes of Capri Forever of your choice – seductive and passionate Ammore, fresh and elegant Terra di Capri or free and rebellious Femminello – and let your vacation self be the main protagonist wherever you go.

Let the essence of Capri fill your home

When you can’t get to Capri, let Ricciocaprese bring Capri to you. The Brand’s hand-blended travel-inspired home fragrances will transport you to the Amalfi coast and beyond in just one whiff.

Close your eyes and take a stroll through Capri’s yacht-filled port with Marina, wander around a citrus garden with Agrumi or indulge in that delightful rite of Italian summer, the aperitivo, with Zafferano e Lampone.

Cherish your travel memories and create new ones at home – with extra Italian Capri flair.

Bring the natural outdoor oasis of Capri indoors

Enjoy a special connection to Capresian nature year-round, and from the comfort of your own home, by incorporating the island’s natural shapes and colors into your interior.
Hand-crafted Ricciocaprese designs will have you daydreaming of cruising the Naples bay, visiting grottoes and sunbathing on hidden beaches.
Strike a perfect balance between aesthetics and function and indulge in your wanderlust, reading under the light of a Anemone lamp, meditating with a Riccio scent diffuser or hosting an intimate dinner around an Dalia centerpiece.

Wake up in Capri, wake up happy

Just because you woke up elsewhere doesn’t mean you can’t kick start your day the Italian way.

Get a quick burst of energy with an extra strong espresso from a Le Diverse coffee cup and put your recharged battery to use.

If you are more of a latte type of person, start slow by savoring the good times from an Il Diverso mug and let those vacation vibes linger for the whole day.

Dine like you're in Capri

Getting back home from holidays is a perfect excuse to reconnect with your friends and family and to host a destination-inspired dinner party.
With Ricciocaprese tableware, you can capture the essence of Southern Italy at home and book a one-way ticket to Capri for an evening.

Awe your guests with hand-painted golden-rimmed I Diversi plates and create a refined fine-dining experience on par with the best restaurants in Capri.
The warm glow of Foglia candlelight will transmit the feelings of relaxation and closeness to your loved ones and get the conversation flowing.

Say goodbye to those infamous Capri blues

Encapsulate the essence of your favorite moment in Capri – in a scent, color or shape – and enjoy its powerful pull on your mood and wellbeing, preventing post-vacation blues once at home.
Shop Ricciocaprese in Naples, Capri or online to revisit your past journey to the island or to peek into a future trip.
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Imma Sarnacchiaro on the Inspiration Behind Ricciocaprese Design

With her brand Ricciocaprese, Imma Sarnacchiaro crafts artisanal home decor objects with a Capri twist, fusing vibrant colors and audacious forms rooted in Mediterranean nature.

The designs by Ricciocaprese are echoes of a magical summer in Capri, one of Italy’s most glamorous islands, famed for its rugged landscape and grottos, artistic history and upscale lifestyle.

The Naples-born designer – who in 2007 founded the first Ricciocaprese workshop together with her husband Fabio Majello – crafts original designs that tell the story of hidden treasures of the Mediterranean land and sea. A Maison et Objet regular, the Brand has received recognition both in Italy and abroad.

- Can you describe
Ricciocaprese in just
a few words?

“Ricciocaprese is Mediterranean nature embodied in shapes and colors.
It is a chance to listen to and live the tale of Italian beauty.”

- How long have you been in business and how has the brand evolved during this time?

“The idea of Ricciocaprese came to my mind on one of the many occasions when my husband and I were eating spaghetti with sea urchins in Capri.”

“In general, I was fascinated with the idea of hand-crafting sculptures using the skill of the artisans of the Capodimonte school.

I wanted to create something elegant yet modern, something that would speak of the natural spectacle to which, we, the Mediterranean people, are almost addicted – our colors, our scents, our land and sea vegetation.
At that moment, everything just clicked.”

“Craft-wise, Ricciocaprese has its roots in the end of the 19th century. It is a natural heir to Majello 1867, the maker of Capodimonte porcelain, that of a thousand tiny flowers and leaves, immediately recognized and treasured by collectors worldwide. 

This century-old crafting tradition has naturally evolved in today’s Made in Italy by Ricciocaprese. In fact, during the first presentation of Ricciocaprese at Maison & Objet in Paris in 2007, several small urchins that were exhibited in a classic fisherman’s net were mistaken for the edible ones.”

- What inspires you?

I find inspiration in my surroundings and everyday experiences.”

“Lucky for me, I am “trapped” between beautiful Naples and The Isles, in the anarchy of colors that is the Mediterranean at its best.”

- What is your favorite Ricciocaprese design and why?

“Ricciocaprese was born with Riccio, the sea urchin, but I’m in love with Le Fonteline and the time they pay tribute to.

I would love to have lived the glam and the glitz of the fifties in Capri, living my best beach life in a sweetheart neck swimsuit and a flowery swim cap, simply exuding elegance with all my being.”

- What is the statement Ricciocaprese palette?

“A divine collection of blues that capture all the most elegant shades of the sea – in short, the colors you would see on the beaches of Capri.”

- How do you combine beauty and wellbeing?

“Beauty is only valid when it truly says something about yourself, when it is authentic. Just like wellbeing that cannot be objective and is dictated by your desires and needs.”

At home, you have to customize your spaces with your favorite colors and the shapes that would envelop you in the coziest manner.

Ricciocaprese gives a way to customize your sea-inspired object in a way that suits each individual – from the color to the fragrance, everyone can find themselves in a piece of Ricciocaprese.

- Your designs are so colorful and full of personality. Is your house like that as well? What advice would you give to someone looking to create a similar Mediterranean style?

“My home is all earthy tones, helping me find serenity and beauty in a way that brings me back to nature, giving me the warmth I constantly seek to be engulfed in.”

"I believe that the house must resemble you and not the architects or interiors."

- What do you see for the future of luxury home decor?

“The future is quality, comfort and customization. As we stay at home more than ever, we advance towards the understanding that…

…home decor enables you to live your life the best possible way.”

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Five Summer to Fall Decor Trends You Need to Know

With summer in full swing, it’s time to cool off with your favorite drink and catch up on the latest home decor trends for this year’s summer and fall.
From outdoor lux to functional minimalism, Ricciocaprese gives you an insider view into the colors, shapes and it-pieces that are set to dominate the interior design scene in the upcoming months.

In line with the entire 2022 design movement, the latest home decor trends seek to uplift your mood and improve your wellbeing by connecting with the outside world. Smoothly blending inside and outside, us and them, the summer/fall home decor promises to deliver both hot looks and feel-good essence.

Keep scrolling to find out the top five trends with a Capri twist.

Nature-inspired getaway

As the world tentatively emerges from nearly two years of lockdowns, designers are looking to restore inner peace, embracing nature in all her glory. Ricciocaprese brings life into space by tapping into Capri’s extraordinary marine fauna – think spiny urchins and medusa-like anemones – and greener-than-green flora.
The Brand incorporates raw natural materials and local nature motifs to recreate the magic of Capri and Amalfi Coast at any distance.

Styling your home with the beauty and mystery of the Mediterranean sea doesn’t have to take much. Just light up your favorite reading corner with a urchin-like Riccio Lamp, and you will never want to put that novel down.
Unless it’s lunchtime, and you can’t wait to feel like you’re on a flower-covered terrace in Capri thanks to a sophisticated Dalia Decordoing all the magic.

And if you’re looking to connect with Mediterranean nature all the way, leverage any of Ricciocaprese’s natural shapes as a scent diffuser, and channel the extra energy from the island’s pine trees, olive groves and citrus fruit fragrances.

Luxurious outdoor oasis

If you’d like to go one step further than bringing nature into the room, consider bringing the interior outside. Ricciocaprese extends your home design into a porch, balcony, patio or even a deck and creates a refined space between the indoors and the outdoors, a refuge from both your home routine and the outside world hassle.

No matter the size, any outdoor living space can be transformed into an outdoor oasis by adding a stylish decor here and there. Just remember to scale right when redecorating your outdoor space. Luckily, Ricciocaprese has all its design elements in various shapes and sizes to fit into every space, large or small.

If growing a garden is not an option, then liven up your space with Foglia, a leafy candle holder with a heart of Capri. Treat yourself to this one-of-a-kind decor hand-made by Neapolitan artisans and transform your balcony into a Mediterranean sanctuary, radiating elegance and beauty.

Vintage is the New Modern

If you’re looking to give your interior design a strong character, go vintage. With Ricciocaprese’s newest collection – Le Fonteline – you can infuse your space not just with a fragrance of your choice, but with style.

Each home design tells a story, but none of them is more interesting than that with a vintage touch. Styling a vintage detail into a contemporary setting is a bold move, but the prize is unparalleled style and the admiration you would enjoy at any home gathering.

This summer Ricciocapres invites you on a journey to Capri of the 1950s, a place of beach glamor, femininity and … flowery swim caps. The Brand showcases a delightfully contemporary take on the must-have beach accessory transforming it into a must-have Le Fonteline.

All Eyes on Color

From Maison & Objet to Milan Design Week, saturated colors are all the talk. Ricciocaprese makes sure that natural materials are not just a surface, but a canvas for creativity in all colors of the Mediterranean.

There’s no question about it: bright rich colors are trending like never before. If you’re feeling up to a little more styling, don’t be shy about adding tomato red, lemon yellow and basil green to your palette. All Ricciocaprese designs, starting from lighting to tableware, showcase these spring/fall signature shades to help you embrace the trend and add a pop of Mediterranean color into your daily life.

If you don’t know where to start after years of neutrals, can we suggest bringing an aquamarine icon of the island Ramo Caprese – into your living room?

Elaborate place settings

Planning to throw your best dinner party? Create the most stunning of settings with Ricciocaprese and garner compliments from friends and family all night long.

Food, drink, friends, good conversation are not the only ingredients you’ll need for a perfect get-together. Go beyond functionality into creativity and expression by adding a mix and match of Ricciocaprese decors to your mise en place.

Combine a spiky Riccio with a soft-rounded Dalia in the trendiest summer to autumn colors to create an exclusive, in-the-know atmosphere. Go full posh by serving delicacies in the Ricciocaprese fine colored porcelain. Solidify your reputation as an excellent host or hostess by serving freshly-brewed coffee in Le Diverse cups.

Stay Trendy, Stay Fresh

Interior design trends are always changing, and keeping on top of them can be challenging. However, if you stick with the trend through a simple object of design, you can tune your space to the latest fashion in a blink. For the latest in home style, drop by a Ricciocaprese showroom in Naples or Capri or browse the Brand’s online store.
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How to Make Every Day Summer with Ricciocaprese

Enjoy a taste of la Dolce Vita with Ricciocaprese’s hidden gems – a collection of handcrafted ceramic and porcelain sea-inspired creations that capture the essence of summer in Capri, Italy.

If only you could sit back, relax and enjoy the renowned vacation scenery, famed for its crystal blue sea, rugged cliffs and glamorous beaches from home.

Well, with Ricciocaprese, you can, and in more than one way – enjoy the smell, taste and sight of summer, all in one. Oh and with the new “Le Fonteline”,collection, you can even dive into your Italian summer getaway in vintage style, like it was 1955. 

The Fonteline design is loud and proud in the heat of Capri summer. Just like Italy, it is relaxed, refined and … filled to the brim with Capri summer blooms!

For its 2022 summer offering, the Brand taps into the vintage beach glamor, bringing back the decade’s most fashionable beach accessories – flower swimming caps. The retro swim caps are available in single and mix colors and will complement your space no matter its original palette.

Playful and practical, the Le Fonteline diffusers smell as good as they look and will infuse your ambience with the Mediterranean notes in no time. The diffusers are compatible with all 19 Ricciocaprese fragrances, each ready to anticipate the relaxation you can enjoy in Capri.

Smell Summer

Put your mind, body and home in vacation mode with a Ricciocaprese branded perfume diffuser. Seamlessly blending aesthetics and function, these exclusive scent diffusers will instantly connect you to Italian nature.

The earthy Terra di Capri fragrance evokes drinking wine on a clifftop terrace and watching the sunset, while the refreshing Marina di Capri fragrance feels like a head-first dive in the azure water.

You will never tire of the various scent combinations and will always come up with new smell associations.

From an interior design perspective, a Ricciocaprese scent diffuser can become a striking design element in an otherwise minimalist space. Taking up as little space as possible, this signature Ricciocaprese piece will transform your space in a way that says summer with minimum effort. 

Our ambition is to improve your wellbeing by bringing the magical moments of Capri to your home. With a Ricciocaprese design, you can easily create a Mediterranean sanctuary and retreat from your busy everyday life”, says Brand Founder and Designer, Imma Sarnacchiaro

Taste Summer

What better way to start your day the Italian way than to enjoy a morning coffee from a cup handmade in the Bay of Naples, one of the world’s coffee culture capitals?

Wherever you are, savor the moment sipping a freshly-made espresso from a  Le Diverse porcelain cup.
The golden brushstroke at the bottom, an indication on just how much coffee a true Italian would pour into a cup of such size.

And of course, a true magical afternoon delight alla Italiana wouldn’t be fully lived without a cup of gelato – and thanks to the  Le Diverse ice cream cups cups, you can even enjoy that in full Italian style.

Moving from enjoying the little things to honoring special occasions, a Ricciocaprese table design will help you make a lasting impression on your family and friends. Make a statement with a color-soaked Ricciocaprese centerpiece as you serve your favorite dishes and add an authentic Mediterranean look and feel to your tablescape.

Each sea urchin-styled centerpiece tells a story of 100% Made in Italy craftsmanship. Following a complex drying process, each object goes through the process of “biscottura”, or firing, to obtain its durability to be later hand colored and glazed by the Ricciocaprese artisans.

See Summer

Tap into the understated luxury by Ricciocaprese with its coral-inspired lamp collection.

 Let the Ramo Caprese Lamp take you boating off the Capri shoreline on a visit to the Red Grotta, with its unique red coral and the water of an extraordinary shade of blue.

 If you’d like to dive deeper and explore the sea life, check out the Anemone Lamp modeled on anemones, the island’s ornately colored sea creatures.

Revealing an utmost respect for Capri’s artisanal tradition, all Ricciocaprese designs are handmade by local decorators. The colors, too, are blended by hand until the tone is matching that of an iconic Capri element, be that the sea, the corals or the sand. These handmade objects present a harmonious meeting between old and new, local and global, elegant and pop.

To explore the Ricciocaprese designs, visit the Brand’s showrooms in Capri and Naples or order online.


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Indulge in the essence of Capri, from the comfort of home

Capri, Italy, other than being known for its rugged territory, exclusive hotels and shopping, which ranges from high fashion, to limoncello and handcrafted leather goods, is renowned for its dreamlike summers and the sensation it leaves you with.

And those sensations – the ones that transport you to those pre-lunch baths off the shores and those evening cocktails enjoyed along tight wound streets lathered in Bougainvillea flowers – are captured in the delicate yet captivating scents of the island.  

Understanding the power of those unforgettable smells of your holiday in Capri, is exactly why Ricciocaprese captured the feeling of your Italian summer holiday in a bottle. Better yet, in 19 bottles, each of which holds its own unique scent of your favorite Capresian memory.

From warm earth scents like Farà, il fico di Capri and Patchouli – Free Love to fresh, citrusy delights like Agrumi and Menta e Basilico, the essence of Capri can be enjoyed all year round from the comfort of your home. Each scent is a unique combination of smells linked exclusively to Capri, carefully selected and blended with other island sensations, until the ideal character of a one-of-a-kind perfume is born.

The most renowned and beloved scent, Terra di Capri, a magical blend of apple, raspberry, red grape and exotic fruits, with base notes of orange blossom, gives way to a fragrance that leaves you feeling calm and relaxed, just like a holiday in Capri.

Our 19 Ricciocaprese fragrances, available in a sundry of design diffusers, enable those fortunate enough to have visited the alluring island off the Gulf of Naples to bring a piece of Capri with them. And for those still dreaming of the day they’ll set foot off the rocky shores of the island – a first taste of Capri can be enjoyed even from afar.

Ricciocaprese fragrances transform your everyday space into an oasis of peace and relaxation.

These divine scents, in addition to capturing the smell of summer in Capri, bring elements of the island to your home through a selection of porcelain and ceramic diffusers. From Ricciocaprese’s most iconic home fragrance diffuser – the Riccio (Italian for sea urchin) – to other objects of design like Bella Femmina, Lady Capri, Fiori di Capri and the Campanile.
Each scent diffuser is a handcrafted, 100% Made in Italy design object representing a unique element from the luxurious island of Capri
The distinct artisanal design of Ricciocaprese home fragrance diffusers met with the unparalleled scents of Capri, make for a one-of-a-kind gift. And for the true Caprese lover, Ricciocaprese scents are also available as body perfumes, enabling you to fully engulf yourself in the essence of Capri.

The Capri per Sempre collection, available in Terra di Capri, Ammore and Femminello as well as the six unique scents from Le “Madeleine” – COCCO.le, Fico, Neroli, Patchouly, Tabacco e Miele and Tè – evoke memories of the past, crystallized deep within, that come to life as the delicate perfume makes contact with your skin, sparking sweet summer sensations like the first time your toes hit the clear blue waters of Capri.

With Ricciocaprese fragrances you can relive the electric blue sea waters of the Blue Grotto (Grotto Azzurra), breathtaking views of the Natural Arches and the famed Faraglioni, panoramic scenery of the Gulf of Naples from the Monte Solaro’s 589-meter peak and the vibrant floral sensations spread across the entirety of the island.

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