Gentle notes of a magical Christmas spread essences and gifts in the air

Lighted houses, decorated trees, sparkling shop windows and the unstoppable desire for surprises and gifts.

That night, when a simple box becomes a precious gift, when bows and ribbons untie the feelings of those who for a moment have left us a place in his thoughts, everything becomes simply perfect and the melody of a wait draws its last notes.


With “Ricciocaprese Christmas¬† Gift” you will make more than a simple gift: you will color and feel the notes of that fresh melody that will catapult you into a world of sweet and enveloping perfumes and fragrances, to paint unique and original atmospheres of essences.
Discover the “Ricciocaprese Christmas Gift” Promotion running until January 6, 2022.
By purchasing an air freshener: Hedgehog, Dahlia or Anemone of any color in the 50 ml, 100 ml, 200 ml or 500 ml formats, you will receive a COMPLIMENTARY 250 ml or 500 ml refill of the chosen fragrance.
In addition, just for you, the exclusive Ricciocaprese Christmas package that will make your gift even more precious.
“Let yourself be carried away by the sweet and delicate notes of the harmonious fragrances; for your Christmas choose:” Ricciocaprese Christmas Gift “.