Hand-decorated ceramic lamps

Illuminating the house is essential, as light can create the right atmosphere for each room and enhance the decor. Ricciocaprese lamps, suspensions and wall lamps are handmade and in ceramic with wonderful colors, combining art and functionality and giving the home a touch of style and elegance.

Lighting the interior of your home is really simple if you use cold light or warm light in the right rooms. The warm light is the one that favors the creation of a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, and is the right choice for the bedrooms and the living room. Cold light, on the other hand, is ideal for rooms with a specific function such as the study, bathroom or kitchen. The entrance is a delicate space, with variable sizes in which we rely on personal taste. In the case of a very narrow space, what we can recommend is the use of wall lights.

Unlike a home, in a shop, LED lighting plays an important role in the perception of the characteristics of the product displayed. The same principle applies to the shop windows which, if full of lights, attract the attention of passers-by. Cold temperature LED lights are ideal for perfumeries, opticians and the like, while for clothing stores it is preferable to use warm light.

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