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Fiori di Capri – 1 flower


Fiori di Capri is Ricciocaprese‘s home fragrance, with a sober and linear design, which leaves room for the liveliness and joy of colors.
B 5cm x H 10cm x P 5cm

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Stylized and modern, the design of Capri flowers

Fiori di Capri is the home fragrance by Ricciocaprese, with a sober and linear design, which leaves room for the liveliness and joy of colors. With its simple and essential lines, it brings with it the romantic charm of spontaneity. A splendid crystal cube, pierced by hand by skilled glass masters, is the basis of the delicate handcrafted sculpture, in glazed ceramic with mixtures of different colors. The flower contains the noble Ricciocaprese fragrances diffused in the environment by sticks of fine wicker, produced in artisan workshops with the most natural and refined Mediterranean essences.

Room fragrances

Smell of the sea, scent of fruit Terra di Capri is the magical atmosphere of Capri. Blend of essences of apple, raspberry, red grape and exotic fruits, with base notes of orange blossom and orange for a fragrance that gives a feeling of calm and well-being.

Scents of sun-kissed lands, Citrus is the charm full of energy and vitality of the southern lands. Blend of essences of orange, grapefruit, lemon, geranium and rose, with fresh and lively base notes, for a stimulating fragrance that gives joy.

The unmistakable and intense scent of Sorrento lemons, Feminello is the intense charm of the Parthenopean lands. Blend of essences of bergamot, lemon, spices, geranium and jasmine, with base notes of amber for a fragrance that gives energy and vitality.

Strong tone and enveloping charm, Cedro is a pleasant background to thoughts. Blend of lemon, petitgrain, cedar, thyme and roses, with base notes of cedar wood and patchouli for a fragrance that promotes concentration and gives serenity.

The natural beauty of Marina di Capri, Marina is a magical suggestion. Blend of essences of violet, bergamot, rose and tuberose, with base notes of amber for a romantic and delicate fragrance.

The presence of cocoa, a sensual element, evokes an atmosphere of pleasant relaxation and physical well-being, which together with bergamot, orange blossom and musk, stimulates euphoria, removes extreme seriousness, drops you into pleasant sensations that they make you enjoy life.

Saffron goes well with fresh citrus fruits, amber and one of the noblest red fruits such as raspberry. Osmosis creates a smell that warms the soul and gives voice to feelings; the olfactory sensation is of a dense, present and enveloping fragrance

The fruitfulness of the almond, together with the purity of the jasmine and the well-known sweets of the vanilla, create a balanced and sensual scent that becomes particularly delicate with the commitment, as a last base note, of the indispensable white musk.

If you want to immerse yourself in a summer atmosphere, get warmed by the sun of a Caribbean island, feel the joy and positive energy of summer on you, you can only let yourself be pampered by this sweet and sensual fragrance made of coconut and pineapple blackcurrant whose sweet notes are softened by the delicacy of white musk.

The slightly spicy aroma of mint is undeniable, made at the same time delicate by the lightness of the basil; this fragrance immediately makes itself felt even by the most distracted sense of smell, which is immediately captivated by the freshness of Sorrento lemons and the traditional scents of our Mediterranean.

Figs find the ideal climate for growing on the island of Capri; the good Capri gardeners have grafted a new variety of fig: the juicy and ripe “Farà”which in this fragrance is used together with pear, tonka bean, raisins and orange to create a sweet and enveloping.

The taste of the lotus, its golden color, its juicy pulp, have chosen this fruit

  “Food of the gods” and it will be the extract of it to make its entry into the heart notes of this fragrance to spread an immediately sweet scent in your environment, which will then be faded and made more delicate by the presence of aquatic notes and fresher and more evanescent green notes.

A perfume that certainly has a noble beginning; Marie Anne de la Tremoilly, princess of Nerola, municipality of Lazio, began to spread this fragrance in the seventeenth century precisely because of its soothing and delicate characteristics. The essence obtained from bitter orange flowers, together the herbal notes and then the vanilla make this fragrance intense but extremely pleasant to live because of the good mood it arouses in perceiving it.

Ricciocaprese’s patchouly intends to shout “Free Love” to the world, highlighting the aphrodisiac nature of this essence, just as huppies did then

In our fragrance they are engaged in the top notes Patchouly, ginger, ginger and tonka bean, whose fusion creates a seductive and intense smell, which at its opening appears enveloping and penetrating but which then softens thanks to the entry of vanilla and musk white.

The scent of tea leads to the discovery of a ritual that is lost in the mists of time, towards a world that seals rituals and tradition; white tea is found in the heart notes together with the delicate lavender which are mixed with the spicier top notes of bergamot and pepper.  A fragrance that clears your soul, unlocks your feelings; a real breath of purity

Intense freshness, citrus aroma, magical suggestions: Azzurra is intriguing and velvety. Blend of essences of mandarin, bergamot, orange, lily of the valley and jasmine, with base notes of musk and amber, for a spring and delicate fragrance.

All the sweetness of the most beautiful flowers, Ginestra is the heady scent of the Capri countryside. Blend of essences of neroli, jasmine, tuberose, violet, broom and amber, with base notes of white musk and vanilla, for a fragrance that evokes spring images.

The scent is sensual, the character is irreverent, Mandarin has a wild personality and authentic charm. Blend of essences of mandarin, orange, lemon, eugenol, casis and thyme, with base notes of cedar wood and vanilla, for a fresh and citrus fragrance.

Intense and seductive, Ocean is the regenerating freshness that comes from the sea. Blend of essences of ozone, bergamot and honeysuckle, with elegant notes of jasmine, for a fragrance that spreads joy.

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