The Coronavirus epidemic has reinvented our lifestyle by introducing remote teaching or smart working in everyday life and indicating the home as the safest place to stay.


Living in your own home, in such a constant way, pushes us to evaluate the furniture and comforts and buy everything that, now more than ever, we need to live it in the right way, not underestimating a fundamental factor that changes the perception of looking at the things, enlightenment. Illuminating your home, in fact, combines the need to create the desired atmosphere and to enhance dark spots or design objects that, without the right light, would go unnoticed but, to do so, you have to follow small precautions that, in practice, reveal fundamental.
If the living area of ​​the house is an open space, you could opt for a multi-level lighting system, allowing you to turn on the lights only in the area we live in. This solution is appropriate to avoid both the excessive use of lights weighing on domestic consumption and not to perceive a dazzling and annoying sensation when, for example, we watch television. Having diffused lighting, on the other hand, is useful if the furniture and walls in the house are very dark and at the same time to make us perceive a feeling of amplified space where, in reality, the room is not very large. In small rooms it is preferable not to use bulky lamps but wall sconces, also useful for enhancing a single space, through a play of light and shadow that their use creates.

Lamps, suspensions and wall lights are sometimes also used to give a touch of style to your home and for this reason you can rely on the exclusive Neapolitan brand Ricciocaprese which stands out on the market for the production of refined furnishing accessories, made in hand by expert ceramic decorators, who in every single creation combine art, shape and colors with extreme attention to detail. Ricciocaprese lamps are made of glazed ceramic, ideal for lighting up the house with style and elegance. You can buy them in the online shop or in the boutiques by choosing the model with the design most in line with your home and in the color you prefer.


Each room has its own light

Before buying lamps, wall lights or suspensions, it is necessary to identify the type of lighting, suitable for each type of room, which can be direct, indirect or diffused. Direct lighting is the one that directs the light beam directly onto an object or surface, ideal for those rooms that have a specific task such as the kitchen. Indirect lighting is an opaque beam of light distributed in a single direction that creates a more relaxing atmosphere, ideal for the most intimate areas of the house. Diffuse lighting, on the other hand, is that generally obtained with pendant lamps, to spread the light beams evenly, ideal for the dining room where the light must illuminate the space dedicated to the consumption of meals. In the living room, where friends and family are hosted, wall lamps are used that generate a soft light or lamps, ideal also for the study or for the bedroom, which give the right lighting without dazzling.

The difference between warm light and cold light

The choice of using a warm light or a cold light, at home, can make the difference if it is destined for the right room. The warm light, what we commonly know as yellow, favors the creation of a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere and is ideal for bedrooms and the living room. On the other hand, the cold one, tending to white, favors the right visibility and is suitable for rooms that have a specific function such as the kitchen, the bathroom, and the study where its use is less tiring for the eyes.