Room fragrances are furnishing accessories used to diffuse fragrances by eliminating bad smells.

Room fragrances are furnishing accessories used to diffuse fragrances by eliminating bad smells. There are different types on the market, from classic to modern design to embellish the home, from scented candles to spray ones chosen for their ease of use, but those most suitable for a continuous diffusion of fragrance are certainly room fragrances with sticks. The operation of the stick diffusers is very simple. After choosing the model and the fragrance you prefer. you have to insert the sticks inside the diffuser, arriving at the perfume whose propagation will automatically take place in the air through the sticks soaked in it. As we have already mentioned, room fragrances are not only useful for the sense of smell but also for beautifying the home, but to satisfy both our needs it is important to choose well where to place them. The ideal points of the house are the transit areas, those in which there is a movement of air that allows it to spread but also in the living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, positioning them not below one meter in height and not too high to prevent the odor from escaping. If, on the other hand, the room is too large, it is preferable to place at least two but in two opposite points. It is good to remember, however, that the sticks, to spread the fragrance, must be constantly turned upside down at least once a week or as indicated on the product packaging. In addition, the sticks must be changed, at least when you decide to change the fragrance, because in the long run the material of the sticks becomes saturated and does not release odors. In the Ricciocaprese online store you can buy beautiful handmade ceramic diffusers for environments, with exclusive designs suitable for any type of environment or the exclusive line of Bella Female porcelain fragrances with the decoration of your choice. For each type of perfumer you can choose the color that best suits your interior as well as the ideal fragrance

What to do when the perfume in the diffusers ends

The duration of each fragrance of the air freshener certainly depends on the chosen format, but factors such as air currents caused for example by fans or always open windows also affect it. It should also be avoided to place it near sources of heat or electricity that make it consume its essence quickly. When the fragrance of the perfumer ends, you don’t have to throw it away, just use refills with the same fragrance or change it. If you choose to change it, we recommend that you rinse the inside of the fragrance flacon with soap and water or alcohol and then dry it before re-use. The Ricciocaprese refills are available in 250 ml or 500 ml formats and all include a new set of sticks, in fine wicker, to be used for your room diffusers. Of all the fragrances available in the online store, if you love the unmistakable smell of Sorrento lemons, the Feminello fragrance is the right one for your home. If, on the other hand, you prefer a fragrance with a more captivating smell but which gives a feeling of calm and well-being, Terra di Capri is the right choice.