Christmas is near and the time we've all been waiting for has finally come, the purchase of gifts.

Although this year will be lived differently and in a limited way due to Covid-19, many have already prepared to decorate their homes and, now more than ever, there is more time to think about what gift to buy for our loved ones.

In fact, what remains, despite the changes we are all experiencing, is the constant thought we turn to a parent, a friend, a boyfriend. We all want to make our presence felt, but it’s not always easy to choose the right gift. Among the Christmas gift ideas, there are room fragrances, which can be purchased with the most disparate designs; also chosen among the youngest who by combining the favorite fragrance of the person dear to them and manage to make this highly appreciated gift unique.

But what better opportunity to buy it if not with promotions?

Then take advantage of the Ricciocaprese discounts, the exclusive Neapolitan craftsmanship brand that kicked off the Ricciocaprese promotions. Discover the vast online catalog where you can find room fragrances, beautiful fragrances and many other furnishing accessories for your home.

Let's discover the Ricciocaprese discounts

With the “Create your gift with Ricciocaprese” promotion, especially if you think you don’t have the time or the opportunity to go around for gifts this year, given the particular situation we are all experiencing. By shopping online you will have the quickest solution to these questions. Choose the perfumer among those in the online store, visit the page of home fragrances and select your favorite essence from those present.
By purchasing Ricciocaprese Fragrance you will receive a free refill of 100 or 200 ml of the same essence and an exclusive Christmas package for your purchase.

When will the promotion be valid?

The Ricciocaprese Gold Gift promotion will be valid until 6/12.

But the promotions don’t end there. If, living in your home every day, you are tired of seeing it the same way or it has become too small, Illuminate with Ricciocaprese Night by purchasing the lamp of your dreams and creating a design magazine environment.

With the Illumina con Ricciocaprese Night promo you can take advantage of a 30% discount on the exclusive lampshades to be combined with the refined Ricciocaprese design lamps, only online and only at night from 24:00 to 8:00 until 15 December.

Save money but don't give up on style

Ricciocaprese lamps are the ideal choice for furnishing and lighting the home with the style that the exclusive brand offers in all its furnishing accessories and, on promotion, the choice is even easier. So what are you waiting for? Buy one of the following lamps by taking advantage of the Ricciocaprese Night promotion, only at night until 15/12. You can choose between the color and design most in line with your home among the proposals in the Ricciocaprese lamps category.