Living and living in our home today takes on an even more important meaning, especially in a historical period in which society requires us to change our lifestyle in which the house and its walls are the absolute protagonists of our day. The design, color and style of our home must marry with our identity and our needs, including the desire to satisfy not only the need for the right functionality of our home but increasingly aesthetics and, today, also the sense of smell: the intoxication of a pleasant fragrance at home through a nice home fragrance is irreplaceable. Choosing the perfumer with the design most in line with the home and the fragrance suitable for the type of room is like furnishing your home and that is why you can rely on the exclusive line of perfumers and fragrances by Ricciocaprese, the brand that speaks of excellence Neapolitan in the world with extreme elegance and attention to detail.


At the base of the choice there is certainly a personal taste but as we know each room has its function and it is pleasant to give the right sensation through a fragrance.

For the living area and in particular for the kitchen, already rich in smells, the choice should be oriented on aromatic or fruity fragrances that give a light and refreshing tone to the environment as well as for the living room that needs a fragrance that is not too invasive, for the bathroom, on the other hand, those delicate and enveloping fragrances are suitable for a fresh and light atmosphere. The sleeping area is the one in which you can choose more freely as it is a more intimate area but it is good to use fragrances that favor peace and rest. For the study we can direct ourselves towards a stimulating fragrance ideal to promote concentration. It should be remembered that in the presence of too strong or unpleasant odors, a perfume should not be used unless the room has been aired first. The fragrances can be replaced at any time inside a perfumer but if you use the same perfumer for a different fragrance, it must first be rinsed with soap and water or alcohol and then dried. The fragrance can also be changed according to the seasons using the fruity, citrus and floral ones for spring and summer, while the more intense and enveloping ones are suitable for autumn and winter.


The fragrances of Ricciocaprese

Ricciocaprese selects fragrances for room fragrances that are able to evoke sensations, emotions and sometimes memories to which it is difficult to let go in the hectic pace of the day but to which the home can restore the right value. The Terra di Capri, Femminiello, Uva Rassa, Ginestra, Citrus and Ventroso fragrances blend well with all areas of the house, to be positioned already at the entrance to the house to be greeted by pleasant and unobtrusive smells capable of leaving a personalized tone, for the more intimate areas, on the other hand, the ideal fragrance is Ocean. For the living area, the Marina and Grotta Verde fragrances are the ideal choices as well as Mandarin and Flora Caprense for the living room or the kitchen where there are already many smells and therefore you prefer to diffuse aromatic and fresh notes. The sleeping area, on the other hand, requires a fragrance like Azzurra, for well-being and tranquility, or White Musk, which is also ideal for the bathroom. For the study, on the other hand, it is necessary to choose a stimulating fragrance with an enveloping character, a sensation given by the Cedro fragrance, which can be purchased like all the others in 250 ml or 550 ml format.