Femminello, Ricciocaprese’s home fragrance with an enveloping aroma

The unmistakable and intense scent of Sorrento’s lemons meets the aromatic notes of the southern spices creating a fresh and exotic fragrance.

Femminello home fragrance, part of the Ricciocaprese‘s Divine Line, exudes a strong and decisive temperament.

The impeccable harmony between the essences makes Femminello suitable for all your spaces.

The top notes of bergamot, lemon and spices combine to create an intense and lively fragrance that spread a sense of energy and vitality all around.

The heart notes of geranium and jasmine, with their deep aroma, instil a sense of freshness and lightness.

The base notes of amber give the fragrance a warm tone, creating an exotically charming atmosphere.

Find Femminello home fragrance in our boutiques and in the showroom, or you can choose to buy it online on this site:

  • In the elegant Vintage Perfume
  • As a fragrance for all the Ricciocaprese scent diffuser
  • In the refill size, to Refill your scent diffuser

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