Imma Sarnacchiaro

RiccioCaprese Designer

Imma Sarnacchiaro was born in Naples in 1969. After graduating in Literature and Philosophy from the Federico II University in Naples, she completed a Masters in Strategic Marketing and Product Management at the ISC in Rome.

She started her creative work by designing a clothing collection, which, thanks to impeccable taste and sartorial knowledge, was immediately recognised for its unique style and elegance. She then wanted to use her passion for craftsmanship and her entrepreneurial skills to create a unique and sophisticated brand and distribute it to the most exclusive boutiques in the world.

Ricciocaprese passion

Inspired by Capri’s magical landscape, its beautiful sea caves and the marine creatures, Imma decided to present them as colourful ceramic pieces. The first piece was the iconic sea urchin, which then became the brand trademark.

Imma shared her idea with her husband Fabio Majello, who proudly supported her and the Ricciocaprese project from the very beginning

Imma is responsible for the entire design process, from conception to completion and follows personally the whole production process. She supervises every step, from the decoration to the selection of material and colours, from the packaging to the product merchandise.

She enjoys working with many different materials, such as ceramics, crystals and stones always maintaining a perfect harmony for each piece.

The invaluable history of tradition and value makes the Ricciocaprese brand synonymous with excellence and quality